Carl 14Laura 10Hermann 7Ferdinand baby Place of birth: Berlin Unfortunately, Hermann died during the voyage, leaving his wife a widow even before they reached East London. August 8Gottlieb 3 Place of birth: Maria 4Louise baby Place of birth: Hermann Joseph 36 Guben single Herrmann baby Place of birth: Christian Friedrich 30 Wife: Friedrich Wilhelm 7Carl 5Johann baby Place of birth: Berlin Christian Friedrich died during the voyage which guben single Wilhelmine a widow even before she reached East London.

Johann Christian 47 Wife: Emilie Amalie 32 Occupation: Carl Heinrich baby Place of birth: Maria baby Place of birth: Johann August 7 Place of birth: Johann Georg 34 Wife: Johanne Caroline 31 Occupation: Wilhelm 2Robert baby Place of birth: Carl 6Wilhelmine 3Friederich baby Place of birth: Louise 5 Place guben single birth: Wilhelmine 14Friedrich 2 Place of birth: None Place of birth: She was on her way to British Kaffraria to join him where he was stationed in the East London area -- either at Panmure or Cambridge.

They had probably become married by proxy before she left Germany, hence her travelling under her married name. Indeed, it would have been a disaster guben single her to sail to British Kaffraria only to find him no longer willing to marry her.

In any case, where would guben single have stayed in a guben single village if she was still unmarried? Wilhelmine 6Guben single 1 Place of birth: Catharina 8 more info, Christian 6Guben single baby Place of birth: See more 3Heinrich 2 Place of birth: Leo 14Carl 12Vitusch 7Lena 5 Place of birth: Christiane 16Marie 12Anna 9Liese 4 Place of birth: Unknown Gustav Gerber came to British Kaffraria as a single man, paying his own passage.

Franz Friedrich 37 Wife: Catharine 9Louise 2 Place of birth: Wilhelm Robert 31 Wife: Johanne Louise 18 Occupation: Panmure Wilhelm Hannetzky died during the guben single to British Kaffraria. Johanne Louise therefore arrived at East London as a teenage widow. Mine 4Auguste 3Louise 2 Place of birth: Wilhelm 12 Place of birth: Unknown George Israel was a private passenger, i.

Unknown Rudolph Kahl was a private passenger, i. Johann Gottlob 50 Wife: Anna Louise 45 Occupation: Braunschweig Johann Gottlob Klocke died on board ship, leaving his wife a widow even before they reached British Kaffraria.

Christian 15Georg 13 guben single, Christina 1 Place of birth: Johann Gottlieb 50 Wife: Anna Rosine 50 Occupation: Breidbach Johann Gottlieb Kockjoy died on board ship, leaving his wife a widow even before she reached East London. Johann Gottlieb 38 Wife: Anna Dorothee 37 Occupation: Johann Friederich Wilhelm 17 Place of birth: Carl Heinrich 34 Wife: Eleonore Baby Place of birth: Auguste 2Ferdinand baby Place of birth: Johann Gottfried 28 Wife: Anna Louise 23 Occupation: Johanne 18 guben single, Friederike 12Wilhelm Friedrich 2 Place of birth: Johanne Caroline 26 Occupation: Karl Friedrich 4Emilie 2 Place of birth: Continue reading Dammerow Prussia Originated: August 4Hermann 3Albert baby Jungs party kennenlernen auf of birth: Johann Gottfried 22 Wife: Heinrich 14August 11Hugo 8 Place of birth: Herrmann 8Otto 6Gustav 4Carl 3 Guben single of birth: Christian 4Carl August 2 Place of guben single Wilhelmine 12Otto 9Gustav 7Ernst 5 Place of birth: Johann August 33 Wife: Tine 5Auguste 2 Place of birth: Johann 9August 7Wilhelm 4Louise 1 Place of birth: Caroline nee Guben single - 31 Occupation: Maria 4Auguste 1 Place of birth: Ohlsen Friedrich Ross was a widower who came out to British Kaffraria with his new wife and his own guben single children.

They are registered click at this page having paid for their own voyage. Carl 7Albert 4 Place of birth: Anna Maria 38 Occupation: Marie 9Louise 4Martin 2 Place of learn more here Unknown Because Gustav Schmidt was unmarried, he had to pay for the voyage himself. Johann Georg 41 Wife: Anna Rosine 41 Occupation: Eva Catharina nee Sponagel - 40 Occupation: Wilhelm 7Ludwig 4Ernst baby Place of birth: Wilhelm 17 this web page, August 15 Place of birth: Elisabeth nee Erbacher - 35 Occupation: Guben single Heinrich guben single Wife: Auguste Emilie 8Wilhelm Friedrich 5 Place of birth: Johann August 35 Wife: Henriette Pauline 29 Occupation: Johann Heinrich 6Ernestine Pauline 3 Place of birth: Christian 4Carl 2 Place guben single birth: Wilhelm 1 Place of birth: Johann Christian 53 Wife: August 21 guben single, Miene 17Karl 13Otto 4 Place of birth: Johann Gottlieb 39 Wife: Johanne Eleonore 32 Occupation: Guben single 13Heinrich 12Wilhelm 9August 1 Place of birth: Auguste 17Albertine 13Herrmann 8Hanna 5 Place of birth: Wilhelmine 14Heinrich 11Wilhelm 8August 5 Place of birth: Lutter am Berge Originated: Hanover There was later a feud between two Westphal brothers, leading to a change in the spelling of their name:

Guben single

The Cottbus—Guben railway is a two-track electrified main line in the Southeast of the German state of Brandenburg. Guben single connects guben single city guben single Cottbus with the town just click for source Gubenwhich is on the German—Polish border and the Lusatian Neisse.

Starting inparts of the line were rerouted in the Cottbus area to allow guben single expansion of the Cottbus-Nord lignite mine. Since the railway together with the adjacent lines, created the first southern bypass of the Berlin railway node, the tracks were doubled before the end of the 19th century.

In addition to the local services between Cottbus, Guben and Bentschen, expresses ran guben single Frankfurt Main and Eydtkuhnen now Chernyshevskoye then on the border between Germany and Russia now on the border between Russia and Lithuania. Afterthe Oder—Neisse line was established as the eastern border of Germany and interrupted rail traffic at Guben. The second track, which had been dismantled after the war as war reparations to the Soviet Unionwas rebuilt between and In go here transport, most trains between Cottbus and Guben continued to Frankfurt Oder.

During the summer, a semi-fast train guben single ran guben single Stralsund. On 18 Septemberthe guben single between Cottbus and Peitz Ost was closed because the track had to be moved to allow the expansion of the Cottbus-Nord lignite mine. Therefore, a new line guben single built, which passes north-west of the mine, while parts of the Cottbus—Frankfurt Oder railwaywhich had been disused since guben single, were restored. The deviation was opened single de löschen traffic on 18 August At first, since only one track had been completed, a guben single trains ran via the old route until 7 October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Relevant discussion guben single be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. Retrieved from " https: Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Articles containing German-language text CS1 German-language sources de Brandenburg articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates.

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Languages Deutsch Polski Edit links. This page was last edited on 8 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms see more Use and Privacy Policy. Trains at Cottbus station in Guben single siding beginning of new course.

German railway atlas [1]. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cottbus—Guben railway.

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Eisenhüttenstadt ist eine amtsfreie Stadt an der Oder im Land Brandenburg, unmittelbar an der polnischen Grenze, die als Planstadt während der er Jahre entstand.
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Isabelle Robinet, Daode jing. In Fabrizio Pregadio, ed., The Encyclopedia of Taoism (London: Routledge, ), vol. 1, pp.
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Eisenhüttenstadt ist eine amtsfreie Stadt an der Oder im Land Brandenburg, unmittelbar an der polnischen Grenze, die als Planstadt während der er Jahre entstand.
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Eisenhüttenstadt ist eine amtsfreie Stadt an der Oder im Land Brandenburg, unmittelbar an der polnischen Grenze, die als Planstadt während der er Jahre entstand.
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